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"Beach polo at Kiawah was amazing!
They really know how to treat their
guests! Our team had the very best
experience and we're looking forward
to next year's match!"  - Amy Flowers
Hyde Park Polo Club team wins match at Kiawah Island Resort
Charleston City Paper                
Horses return to Kiawah after quarter century
by Erica Jackson

Kiawah Island’s elite turned out in pastel, hat-wearing droves for a polo exhibition at the beautiful
Kiawah Club Sunday afternoon. Some older members of the community were no doubt
reminded of the beach horse races that took place on the island decades ago, but for most
seeing horses gallop on the sand was an entirely new experience.

Kiawah’s team was a family reunion of sorts for the Limehouse family — brothers Brien, Brad,
and Chip (an S.C. State Representative) repped the island. Brad is a professional polo player,
and he suffered a fall during the match that resulted in a broken shoulder. Kiawah played Hyde
Park Polo Club, headed up by Ravenel native Amy Flowers, who held her own among the men
and shone throughout the match. But the real hard workers were the horses — stung by
wayward balls, making quick turns, and running hard in the afternoon sun, the animals earned
the picturesque sunset dip they enjoyed after the game.

The crowd politely observed as Hyde Park won the match by two points, then headed up to the
Beach Club for the Polo Party. The advertised heavy hors d’oeuvres turned out to be a generous,
delicious spread prepared by the Club chefs, and guests ate and drank around the pool while
listening to the East Coast Party Band. While tickets may be a little hard to come by for the
average Joe, if you’ve got the opportunity, don’t miss the chance to watch beach polo on Kiawah
— rumor is this won’t be a one-time event.
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Hyde Park plays in a polo tournament at Kiawah Island Resort.

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Hyde Park Wins Beach Polo
at Kiawah Island Resort
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riding horses on a South Carolina beach
Hyde Park competes in Beach Polo Tournament at Kiawah Island Resort.
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