With almost no mosquitos or flies, Hyde Park is ideal for horse turnout.
Turnout service offers generous paddocks and acres of pastures.
We offer polo lessons and arrange matches for experienced players.
We can provide tack and gear for lessons or play.
Polo at Hyde Park
If you're already a player, we will arrange a match for you,
Just call us to schedule it, then show up with your boots.
Our turnkey service provides you with everything you need
Polo School
If you love horses and have ever thought about playing
polo, our Polo School can get you playing. We offer
lessons for all ages and skill levels even if you've never
ridden a horse.
Experienced players will enjoy honing their skills with our
onsite professional instructors.
Private Lesson 1 hr. - $150
Package of 5 lessons - $650
Rent Horses - $250
Chukker includes Groom and Tack
Weekend Packages
Come join the fun!
We provide everything
you need for lessons
or for play.
Our polo students are all ages and skill levels.
Hyde Park Farm and Polo Club
Polo lessons twice daily plus
stick and balling (call for pricing)
We will arrange polo matches for experienced players.
With practice fields and plenty of turnout pastures, Hyde Park Farm is a great place to play, learn
or just watch this fast-paced and fascinating sport. Our land has excellent footing, and our field is
available for year-round play.
Play Polo
Turnkey Turnout
In addition to generous paddocks and pastures
of coastal burmuda grass, our farm has almost
no mosquitoes or flies, making it the perfect
-- groom, mallets, all gear, horses, and transportation. Or, you can provide your own.
Hyde Park Polo School offers professional polo instruction.
spot for turnout. Our expert grooms and farrier are on site. We can have your horses shod,
groomed, worked and ready to play when you pick them up. Housing for your own groom is also
available. Contact us for more information.